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Nabu İ.Y.S.

Who is Nabu?

In the area of Iraq, there was a city called Borsippa. Local folk was worshipping Nabu, who they believed was the scribe of Marduk. On the 11th of Nisannu, the first month of the babylonian calendar, at the end of akītu festivals, Nabu wrote the tablets of destiny. The fate of all men. Which was prophesized in the myth of enūma eliš -the myth of creation-. Over time, because of this, he was associated with writing and wisdom. These were around the time of legendary king Hammurabi's reign.

According to ancient tablets and writings, he was known to have different partners, most notably two: Tašmetu and Nanaya. Oldest writings mention Tašmetu, but later on there are recordings of the Nanaya. Over time, he is more closely attached to Marduk, finally known to be his son, maybe this is the reason that he is known to travel on the legendary winged dragon: Sirrush.

He was either the primary character of religions or severely influenced them. Quite similar to western deity Apollo. Also mentioned twice in the Bible: Isaiah and Jeremiah, as Nebo.

Why Nabu?

Years ago, this was the only question that I incorrectly answered among 70 questions. Because of this, his name was always in my mind. I obsessively hunted information about him in libraries for two months. Found history teachers or professors in universities and had long chats with them and gathered enough information that I actually wrote three articles. To be honest, I can call myself an amateur Nabu researcher.

Long story short, I realised that information was handled pretty importantly throughout the history of mankind. they were actually worshipping the 'information' itself, or the person that knows it. It was actually the fear of the unknown, things they were unable to define. But a person that defines something was precious, important. Eventually ended up being deified or took part in prophecies. Nabu was only one them. Found many more, maybe there are lot more in the history that we will never know.

All my life, I knew that knowledge is the most important thing. Whatever I get my hands on, whatever I see, I felt obligated to know what it is and what it is used for. Before internet was widespread like this, there were encyclopedias. I was spending hours reading them. With the power of internet, the amount of information became almost infinite. So, in the end, Nabu was the best name for this. Meaningful to name the only true thing that I can say 'mine' in the end.

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